English Harbour Online Casino

Lay back on the deck of your sail boat. The sun lies as a blanket over your body, but the breeze off the water cools your skin. The wind carried your little boat through the sheltered deepwater. And you can hear the celebrations of a fishing success nearby. Come to shore and wander the paths of the dockyard. Walk between the silhouettes of restored buildings and other colonial treasures. Days like this tarry like a kiss on your skin, but eventually they must pass into night. Even though the day can't last, there is no reason the magic has to end. As the sun sets, step inside English Harbour for an evening as exciting as the day was restful.

Fantasy Nights Come True

Maybe the water, wind and sail is, for you, a dream on a horizon far away, but a night at the Casino doesn't have to be. English Harbour is very real, and just a click of your mouse away. Sail boats optional. At our Casino you'll find exclusive and exceptional online entertainment with the best odds in the business. Their games are designed with payouts that rival the most respected Las Vegas casinos. The Casino is free to download or choose their instant play option if your on-boat computer doesn't have the fastest connection. Choose from over 45 of the best games online in a completely secure environment with 24-hour support; whether you're playing at sea or in your living room.

Your Sailboat Nest Egg

English Harbour players enjoy the finest complimentary bonuses. Just like the sailors at the yacht club, the players at English Harbour Casino are among the elite. They offer VIP programs, rewards, deposit bonuses and rebates. Check the site for details and the current promotional information.

And when you join English Harbour you will receive 100% your first four deposits when you deposit at least $25 using a valid credit card. Deposit up to $200 USD for each of your first four deposits to take the maximum advantage of this offer. That's a possible total $800 USD.

Boat Racing

Part of the joys of sailing is joining the other boats on the water and seeing whose boat is the fastest. And one of the joys of online gaming is connecting with other players for a little friendly competition. When you open you're new account at casino and make your first deposit, you will be automatically entered into our next major tournament event! Watch for notice in your email. And check the site regularly: there are always new ones starting. There is no limit to how many tournaments you can join but places are limited, so don't be left out at sea.

High Class Entertainment

EWe have won a number of prestigious awards from Gambling Online Magazine and is a member of the Interactive Gaming Council. But at the end of the day, size of the boat has little to do with the peace you find, floating on the water. So much the same at casino, where the only opinion they care to impress is yours. When you receive this kind reception, you know you not only found a great place to play; but one of those special hideaways where you can retreat.